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NFIU Upgrade GoAML Application.

GoAml development team from Vienna visited  NFIU betweeen 10th -22nd May, 2010, to upgrade goAML application and provide training for the analysts and IT staff on the new features of the goAML.

During their visit, the NFIU was advised to upgrade its XML reporting schema from version 1.9 to version 3.1 due to the following reasons:-

  • NFIU uses a global software "goAML" which is being used by other FIUs all over the world.The latest schema used by other FIUs is version 3.1.
  • Version 3.1 was designed to address some of the challenges faced by reporting entities using version 1.9 and to simplify some complex structures in version 1.9.
  • It provides the reporting entities with one XML schema for reporting all rerports (Currency,Suspicious, Foreign, etc Transactions).


Sequel to the Upgrade the Director,NFIU (Mr. Norman Sixth Wokoma) selected five(5) Banks (namely: GTbank,Access Bank,First Bank,Skye Bank and UBA) based on XML files rating and other compliance parameters for the pilot scheme to work on the new NFIU XML schema version 3.1, the commencement of the pilot scheme for the selected banks took off in the  2nd week of June 2010. The pilot scheme is schedule to last for 3months. The selected banks are to be assessed based on schema 3.1 during the pilot scheme. However, other banks were also given the greenlight to join the pilot scheme because at the expiration of the three (3) months all banks will be mandated to start reporting with schema version 3.1.

We also use this medium to inform the reporting entities that NFIU has launched an Electronic Reporting Format where all XML files can be uploaded and submitted directly on the website, the site can be assesed via NFIU public website ( by clicking on Electronic Reporting or directly using . The website has a secured Site Pro with Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate installed on it to ensure strongest encryption and maximum security of uploaded files.


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