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We’re always looking for talented, passionate people – both experienced professionals and recent graduates – across a wide range of disciplines. We want individuals who share our Core Values and who demonstrate a true passion for what they do, whether in the field or in the office. We value the richness that diversity brings to our workforce - it makes us better and the communities we serve stronger.

  • Collect, analyse, decode and assess information that may be a threat to business, national and international security.
  • Analyse data and make predictions
  • Assess data to find criminal behaviour or solve crimes.
  • Analyse images and create maps.
  • Co-operate with agencies nationally and internationally to gather information about potential threats.
  • Manage investigations into specific threats.
  • Monitor people and events.
  • Provide reports to government and provide advice on how to manage threats.
  • Protect information and intelligence..


  • a good aptitude for analysis, a naturally enquiring mind and excellent problem-solving skills
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • good report-drafting skills, with consistent attention to detail as reports will be written for readers in the highest levels of government
  • good organisational and prioritisation skills
  • a willingness to learn and work with a range of IT applications, including some specialised data collection, analysis and presentation tools
  • good communication skills
  • motivation, drive, focus, initiative and innovation
  • to be responsive to changing requirements and priorities and be able to adapt to unpredictable circumstances
  • cultural sensitivity, empathy and strength of character to build relationships with people and be persuasive, especially in human intelligence work
  • the ability to work effectively under pressure, demonstrating resilience and perseverance.
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NOTE: All applicants will be subjected to proper background check, so all information provided must be accurate